Praise for Consciousness-in-Action:

“This is a unique book in its integrative, liberating, and transformative potential. The author does an exquisite job of synergizing personal, spiritual, communal, and social development. Transcending polarities and binaries, he offers us invigorating ways of working with individuals and communities to realize our human and collective potential. By using visual maps and engaging the reader in multiple ways, the author succeeds in connecting with readers passionately and reasonably.”

— Isaac Prilleltensky, PhD, Dean, School of Education, University of Miami; Co-Editor, Critical Psychology, and Community Psychology: In Pursuit of Liberation and Well-Being

“Raúl Quiñones-Rosado’s work is a much needed gift at this time in our history. His analysis of the issues that face human beings socially, culturally and politically is comprehensive. It is also correct. Adding to this profound understanding is wise guidance on being agents of change. And, what makes this book so very powerful, is that the invitation is to be an agent of change in a personally and spiritually healthy way. This is a book for real people wanting to live meaningful lives. It is a roadmap for personal and global change, within the context of spiritual well being. It is about consciousness in action–for the betterment of all people.”

— Dorothy Firman, EdD, Founder & Director, Psychosynthesis Training Program, The Synthesis Center, Amherst, MA

“Dr. Quiñones-Rosado’s new book is a very important contribution to the field of social activism and social change. His extensive knowledge of psychology, social theory and spiritual practice provides an excellent foundation for a holistic perspective that integrates traditional social ideals and values within a larger context that includes on-going development of individual potential and personal growth. Within Quiñones-Rosado’s model, human development and social transformation become a co-creative process for the unfolding of greater awareness, peace and true justice and compassion in the world.”

— Vernice Solimar, PhD, Chair, Integral Studies, John F. Kennedy University

“Raúl Quiñones Rosado’s book, Consciousness-in-Action, offers a cutting-edge synthesis of social change theory that opens up the pathway for liberating the oppressive forces at play in our societies while unleashing the transformative power within us all. For the next generation of organizers and activists, Raúl is the kind and warm-hearted social change elder that everyone young person has longed for and his ‘manual for integral change’ is one of the most significant guides for building the Movement of movements that is being called for in our time.”

— Joshua Gorman, Founder & Co-Coordinator, Generation Waking Up

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